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We are not liable for your hot tub falling apart. Older hot tubs, made out of wood and/or new hot tubs made out of pressed plastic, have a tendency to become weak over time while being subjected to the elements. I am not in control of that. Mind you I am not opposed to helping fix the situation, but I am not paying for it. For example, we are not liable if you try to have us force conduit through a hole that isn't suppose to have conduit put through. If it breaks your tub you will be responsible for it. We do not reconnect hot tubs for any reason, don't ask. People put too much responsibility on us, when it is not our responsibility to begin with. We do what we are told. You say you want a hot tub moved in Omaha? We say no problem, where in Omaha?

The only thing we are responsible for is moving your hot tub. If we were to get into an accident while we are driving and your hot tub gets destroyed, we will buy you a replacement. If your hot tub gets damaged directly related to our equipment failure, we will fix or replace whatever it is we are responsible for. If you hot tub gets scratched, due to the weight of hot tubs and placement occasionally there is going to be a bump or a bruise, I am not responsible for that. If we were to be rolling down three flights of stairs and your hot tub gets loose and crashed to the ground, we will replace or fix.

If you have questions about disclaimer, please make sure you ask questions.

Anything else we are not responsible for. 

Nebraska / Iowa Spa / Hot Tub Moving and Removal We service western Iowa and eastern Nebraska. We are located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Location Omaha, Nebraska Servicing hot tub and spa moving or removal in surrounding area's of Nebraska and Iowa. 

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